First IPL Patient

Melbourne Comprehensive Eye Surgeons (MCES) is proud to offer a new intense pulse light (IPL) therapy for dry eye. We are only one of a few clinics in Australia able to provide this revolutionary treatment to patients who want to relieve or eliminate symptoms of eye irritation.

Intense pulse light, IPL is a precise chain of bright flashes used to treat patients with dry eyes caused by Meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD). These Meibomian glands exist within your eyelids and are responsible for producing the essential oily outer layer of your tear film. It keeps the tear film in place and prevents the tears from evaporation.

This past month we met a lovely lady named Maureen who suffered extensive dry, irritated eyes and was distressed by her frequent use of lubricating eye drops that hardly brought her relief. Her severe dry eyes made it a struggle to work on her computer and read her. Maureen was fed up and wanted to try a treatment that was able to give her long-term relief from her dry eyes to improve her quality of life.

Our expert ophthalmologist, Dr Heathcote Wright guided Maureen through a comprehensive evaluation of her dry eyes with our high-tech Antares infra-red ocular camera that included a tear film analysis and imaging of her eyelids. She has successfully completed two sessions of IPL treatment and is happy she is starting to recover from her dry eye.