History Of MCES

Dr Pakrou and Dr Wright conceived the idea of opening their own clinic whilst undertaking advanced surgical training together in the UK.

We sought to open a custom designed eye clinic that was focused on the patient experience. Our approach was to be completely different from any other eye clinic. We worked in a number of clinics throughout the UK, Queensland, Tasmania and within Melbourne, both public and private. We tried to take the best bit from each clinic, and learn from those clinics that didn’t do things well. The result was a unique clinic that expressed our philosophy of delivering eye care.

We believe that everyone should have access to high quality eye care at an affordable price. To achieve this, our modern eye clinic is designed to have its focus on streamlining the patient experience. Our goal is an efficient clinic that allows us to see patients in a timely manner whilst maintaining a warm and friendly environment.

We purchased a large block on Bell Street with two run-down houses, which had to be demolished prior to construction of the clinic. Robbie and James, two of Melbourne based artists, created an art-show to celebrate the life-cycle of the houses as they made way for our modern eye clinic.

Sighting play play

Construction of the clinic commenced in 2015. It was exciting to watch our long-term dream slowly come together. The process of creating our own building was both a rewarding and at times a bumpy experience, but it was worth it. Our dream had turned into a reality, a fully functioning clinic.

Time Lapse play play

Nima and Heathcote are both passionate about the environment and sustainability

We set about nurturing the environment by installing solar panels and a battery, harvesting rainwater and creating a healthy internal space featuring a living green wall. We have been fortunate to attract great staff who will always great you with a smile and make you feel welcome. We are proud of our clinic and look forward to seeing you at MCES, we hope you will be impressed with what we have built.

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