eyelid surgery complications

MCES will be taking no risks when it comes to the Health and Safety of our patients.

Our main capture of patients fall within the high risk category with many being over the age of 65 and immune compromised.  For this reason we strongly urge all  patients, their family members and/or care givers to get vaccinated.

We are passionate and determined to continue to provide medical care to the community without putting patients at risk.

Healthcare services are deemed essential, therefore MCES will offer their medical services during any future lockdowns. Government guidelines will be followed and amended as they are due.  Facial masks are mandatory at all times during your visit until directed otherwise by the Government and check-in is compulsory.

We continue to request that patients with impending appointments reschedule if you have been to any medium or high risk areas, been in close contact with someone who has a confirmed case of COVID-19, or are experiencing any of the following symptoms; fever, cough, shortness of breath, fatigue and difficultly breathing. If you attend an appointment with any of the above symptoms, or if you have had possible exposure, you will be asked to leave.